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laptop Graphics card???


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I have a compaq Presario CQ 50 series Laptop that came equipped with Geforce 8200M 256 MB graphics card. I'm a casual gamer, and but like to play racing games in my spare time. Is there I can upgrade my graphics card. The laptop also does not have any options in BIOS to share more memory. If the graphics card cannot be upgraded; is there any way I can allot more memory to it (I have 3 Gigs RAM) so I can get better framerate while playing the games?


no, you cannot get better framerates by increasing video memory.

you cannot do anything in a laptop to give it better performance in games except quit some background processes in explorer.

the 8200 is a fossil, even if you give it 1 gb of gddr5 ram, it wont perform any better, coz it wont be able to utilize the whole bandwidth anyway, its too slow
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agreed... I guess better give this laptop to my lil sister for internet surfing/ college projects; and buy a NEW one! :D
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