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Laptop freezes on connection to LAN


Right off the assembly line
I have a DELL Vostro 1088 with Windows OS.
My laptop just freezes when I connect/disconnect it to LAN.
It works fine when I connect it to LAN when the power is OFF and then start windows, otherwise if I connect it to LAN when the windows is on or on sleep it just freezes and then I have to force it to shut down and restart again.

The same problem arises when I try to access the computers on the LAN, the system just freezes.

Any help regarding the above issue would be highly appreciated.



Right off the assembly line
Even i am facing a similar problem for the last couple of days,
while surfing, the system just freezes....then i have to use the task manager to close the program.
I am using a dell inspiron, windows 7 , google chrome browser.



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^^ google chrome has lots of issues so you better use some other browser.

@ AgentX - the freezing occurs when the laptop is connected to the AC power or on battery mode ?
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