LA Noire comming to Pc on November


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It was announced quite some time ago but release date was not confirmed. Thanks for update but I guess this should be in the respective thread. There was no need for a new thread. Nevertheless thanks for the update. Thanks.


a big thanks for this news
what a coincidence
i was reading a magazine where this game was reviewed
and i was thinking "man...this should have been for PC too"
and now here it is... :)


This is Rock stars' most hyped game. initially they kept it as PS3 exclusive, then during development, added xbox too. But even then they failed to sell it like they wanted to, in GTA league.
Now this is the only reason I see this game making it to PC.
I was hoping for & still am for red dead redemption PC.
i'm also hoping that r* are making Bully 2 :))


Yeah we can only hope , may be this time r* make it's game playbale without any commandline :-D


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Yeah this sucks big time. I placed a pre order on green man gaming for $40 for the complete edition. Till yesterday, it showed me the release date as 8th november. When I logged in today, it told me I had three more days to go.

It is available on steam but only for north america as of now. Oh well...
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