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KVM switch


Cyborg Agent

I am looking to buy a KVM switch as I am wfh and I have a home PC and a work macbook to switch between. I was looking at these two options:

but I am reading some recurring themes of the USB components not working.

or this:

if you guys have a better option please let me know. This is to support mainly a common keyboard, mouse and monitor. Additionally I would like to have a common webcam and mic if possible.

appreciate your help.



I purchased and am using the KCEVE 4 port switch mentioned in your second link since 1 Month (To be precise 3 Dec.), from Amazon. I have had it working ok, only the supplied cables stick out of the switch somewhat and it does get warm under normal use. It's also somewhat heavy, due to being made of metal.

However, it does the job of sharing single monitor, keyboard and mouse among 4 systems nicely as long as you have a good USB keyboard & mouse, and HDMI.
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