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Hi Guys,

well my friend bought a cd with pics..well poped it in n started to see the pic... after everything .... i had thsi prob.. "there is no disk in drive please insert a disk into drive"... I think its a virus... an someone help me regarding... as i got impt. data over the drives...

thanks in advance


u mean da cd was inside da writer n u got error..
do one thing take dat cd out n den again try 2 run it....
it wont be a virus:)


Huh! <fainting but recovers>

Naturally you will get the same error when there is no disc in the drive! what else did you expect.

As for the disc not being recognized, try it in another computer. Are you sure the disc actually has data? As in it is not a blank?


Wise Old Owl
then the drive is halfway reading a file and windows is still asking for the file, so the error message pops up
restart the system and it ll be all fine
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