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Just donated to Firefox!


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Feeling good.

Only a small donation of $3.

I was a Netscape user and shifted to Firefox when 0.8 PR was released. Then Opera became my default browser for a good 3 years, and then Firefox again.

Firefox 1.0 was released around the same time 10 years back. So felt like doing it.


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Cool story bro. No start is small.
I donated to wikipedia 2 years ago. My first transaction from my first credit card. ;)

So I know how good you must feel.


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Will donate tomorrow, after my credit card bill for this month gets generated.

Also yeah, it feels good to donate once in a while. Donated to Wikipedia two times and once bought gold subscription to reddit.


Is this thread for bragging about our donations? :| any links would be appreciated so other ppl can donate too...
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