JAWA motorcycles launched in India.


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After a long hiatus JAWA motorcycles are back in india. They have launched 3 variants which are all under 300cc.
All ex showroom prices.
1. Jawa @ Rs. 1.64 Lakh
2.Jawa42 @Rs. 1.55 Lakh
3.Jawa bobber custom @Rs. 1.89 lakh

JAWA is brought back in india by a company called "Classic Legends" which is nothing but a sidekick of Mahindra & Mahindra.

You can see the pictures here

All the bikes looks boring as FCK and can compete with Resident Evil of India sorry I mean Royal Enfield of India which is similar in the ugly & boring department.
What do you think can JAWA do shawa shawa and kick RE out of business.?Which brand will you prefer?


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Also all are liquid cooled with disc brakes in both front and rear with ABS.
Though they look vintage they are up to date with the latest tech in 2 wheelers.
ABS and tubeless tyres are almost a standard now. Almost every vehicle released after the year 2008 comes with tubeless tyres and almost every vehicles which are released in the present years have ABS.

Vintage looking things are good but for automobiles I don't prefer vintage looks. For cars I can make some exceptions but for bikes I really feel these looks are downright boring.

Royal enfield in india is only running due to 2 factors
1. Price
2.Emotional value
The himalayan which they had launched on 2016 came with so much problems almost every user of that bike faced some issue. I have heard that it had chinese wiring with inferior quality.
Also I had heard they had scammed people with their limited edition pegasus 500. I will admit pegasus looks slightly better from every other bike in that segment.
What I want to say is design also matters too. With a boring shitty design you cannot expect people to buy your crap.
Below is pegasus500 LE.

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Never heard of JAWA. Was that a really good brand in past? Why did it leave India? Premium brand?


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Never heard of JAWA. Was that a really good brand in past? Why did it leave India? Premium brand?
There are clubs of Jawa motorbike owners around India, even now. One of the neighbours in one of my previous apartment buildings had a well maintained vintage jawa bike he purchased in like the 80s or so and its still functional.


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Jawa was before 1980s I guess. They were produced in collaboration with a Czechoslovakian company (???) at Mysore by Ideal Jawa.

They were two-stroke bikes vs. four-stroke Enfields. Later models from same company were called Yezdi.
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