Issues in my Android devices


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I hope this is the right section for posting.

Ok, so let me give u the details.

I own One Plus One and HTC One V Android smartphones
OS I use on desktop is Windows 8.1

Problem#1: my HTC One V is 3yr old now so is giving me battery problems...thought of installing custom ROM as it was already rooted and bootloader unlocked.
but the problem is
1a: Can't go into boot loader/recovery mode using the power button and volume I used Quickboot app which was working earlier but now its not :(
1b: On connecting my HTC to computer, I m not getting any notification pop-up for connecting it to various modes (usb,charging etc) I think its not detected in PC :(

Problem#2: when I connect my One Plus One to PC the device gets connected and I can see it in my computer as media storage device.but when I run adb command and use "adb devices" > empty list of devices are shown (no device-id).
I checked device manager and saw "A001" as unknown devices with a yellow triangle icon.
so whats the issue in windows 8.1 ? why can't I run adb command I have also downloaded the SDK manager.
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so ROM manager can flash custom ROM and also flash kernels ?

Does it work with windows 8.1 ?

Rom manager can download the OTA and for flashing you are going to need to boot to custom recovery TWRP preferably.
And for 2nd point I use wugfresh for my nexus devices and it works perfectly so I am guessing it should also work.
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