is there a sftwr which can use my cellphone as remote for t.v

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hi long time time back i saw an add in a magzine which featured a sftwr by which one cud use there infrared mobile(they had 6600 in the add) as a remote for tv.
i dont remember it. does ne 1 know about such sftwr?????


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yes thats the software. but u need a symbian based smartphone for this. phones wid proprietory os supporting only java (like ones in SE w/k series except w950 which uses uiq, moto low end phones, nokia s40 etc) do not support this.


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hey guys a funny question by me here but plz answers seriously

I have n70 having bluetooth and no infrared

and my television does not have bluetooth

So how can i make my n70 as remote for my tv..
Is there any mechanism or way that i can access my tv thru bluetooth of n70 as remote even if tv has no bluetooth and has only infrared receiver like normal tvs have


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Yes maybe u can by using some bt to ir directional signal converter by using some weird hardware but it wont be worth the pain.. Nothing is impossible in the tech world :p


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The Psiloc legend is in works for the S60v3 phones. So we can expect our software in some time, but it shall be a paid one.
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