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Is Talent important or Good Behaviour?

Is Talent Important or Good Behaviour ?

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Luck is the biggest thing I suppose.

I have a close friend whom I've known since class 5th. He is so much well mannered & nice. Plus, he's very talented.

He prepares well for everything, every time.

But alas ! His luck doesn't support him. He always gets very less compared to his talent and preparation.

Same with my cousin. He's doing C.A. During each exam schedule, something bad happens, (mostly, someone seriously ill in family), which in turn affects his studies !

What more can you say about bad luck now ?!!


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Talent is just a product of experience and good behavior does translate to good experience so i guess good behavior is more important.


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The person who has talent knows how to behave to different persons.
Good behavior is not necessity
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