is it a virus or time to have a better sound card

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hi all i m having amd desktop with asus mobotherboard which comes with realtek sound

last few days problem i am facing is that when i start the pc the sound is coming but then after some time the sound device gets disables the windows error comes but if i am playin any song it doesnt detect sound device
to make it play all i have to do is reboot the pc or go to device manager & update the drivers

please guide me with this

pleae tell me whether is time for new soundcard or driver got corrupted or VIRUS!!!!!!!

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
Would be more helpful if you put out your current config here- or else people would start speculating. Certain amd boards from asus like a8n series had onboard sound issues. If you google for it you should be able to get the fix.


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waa haa. What a config.

Dude, by config he meant something like this:

AMD Athlon 64(venice) 3000+ @ 2.3Ghz, 4x512Mb ddr400, gigabyte GA-K8n51GMF-9, 512MB HD2600XT, Dell 198WFP, 160 Gb+250Gb seagate sata2, sony 20x dvdrw, pctv 110i tuner card, Win7

anyways it looks like problem with Drivers. NO need to have better sound card. Just reinstall drivers of your onboard audio.
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