Is Gaming a Childish Activity? ( In India )

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abe ye badi badi smilies kahaan se chori ki hain?

Gaming improves eyesight??My parents ask me not to play games too much even though I got 17" syncmaster LCD and anti-glare glasses.

Here, get them if you use FireFox -



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Ya, Gaming is considered childish activity in India. I too often come across this insults, but I say since I work for a long time on computers, I play games for few minutes in between which helps me in relieving tension. Also I prefer gaming than watching movies, becoz gaming tunes ur brain:p

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Gaming improves eyesight??My parents ask me not to play games too much even though I got 17" syncmaster LCD and anti-glare glasses.

Same thing here! Possible conclusion: Parents might be harmful for the eyes? :D. So exercise caution and do play some games after coming in contact with parents?(No offence meant, see the disclaimer!)


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Ya, Gaming is considered childish in India. I too come across these insults(even with my my wife)

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Now recently got PS3 with LG scarlet with Resistance: FOM, HALF-life Orange BOX, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, PRINCE OF PERSIA( got it from PAY-ASIA) playing Heavenly Sword

BTY forgot to mentioni have a PSP slim cracked with around 100+ games


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play games for around 6-7 hrs a day....

Its not to childish nor to serious .....
Its just what u think ..
Its just what u r brain says

currently studyinf DIRECT X
playing games from last 13 years.....
almost 1000's of titles
BE HAPPY,enJoy life(yourself)..........G@ME ON


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According to my parents and my gf, gaming is a childish act but i choose to ignore them and continue gaming... :D

I feel its a dumb stereotype in India considering gaming to be a "useless pass time".

Even i wanted to be a tester or a game developer but i guess destiny and my parents have some other plans.

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But will pursue my MBA abroad by this July. :)

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"useless pass time"

I wonder what a usefull pass time is...Atleast gaming improves reflexes and you are heavily concentrating and moving a little atleast....not like movies and TV where you just sit and move only to eat and grow fat.
Studies have shown that 60% of the worlds gamers are older than 25.

Age: 17
Profession: student
Games: currently none as boards are comin up...But i have been gaming for ages and will continue to play all the latest games and buy gaming rigs...


Babu, gaming helps a lot, increases ur "neurokinetics" :D
Too much NFS and good dosage of GT4 has made me best driver in my family ;) although I refrain from doing drifts and donuts in public but Burnouts are still acceptable.


Whenever I play video games, someone always pops up to tell me that I am wasting my time.

Age: 20
Platforms: ps3, psp, nds, cellphone.
Genres: RPGs, Racing

My friends who do play video games feel that RPGs are boring.


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I think I could be the oldest Hard Core Gamer on Think Digit age 30, profession IT Support (RIM)..... People know me and my gaming passion. If you know Orkut, there is a question under personal........5 things you cannt live without and if you look at my games is listed as one.........Hollywood flicks was other, been paying games for past 15 years now, upgraded my system 4 times with a P1, PII, PIV and a C2D, upgraded my GPU 9 times...sis 8 MB, Riva TNT, Riva TNT2 128MB, Geforce Ti 4200, Geforce MX440, Geforce FX 5200, Geforce 7600GT, Geforce 7800GT, Geforce 8800GT (Current). In total must have spent close to 4 lakhs on all my pentiums and GPU upgrades till now (just so that my gaming goes smoothly)
Interested people can check my list in "Games you have completed thread"...
So yes gaming for me definately is not childish and no I would not recomend a carrier in gaming particularly in India.
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Age: 26
Profession: IT
games: racing, FPS, sports, Strategy.

lot of my friends doesn't play games but when I play, they never complain. But when there are more than 3 or 4 friends in my room. They make me stop playing coz they just can't sit seeing me playing games. Not a single word about wasting time.

PS: I know how others pass time. They know how I pass time. we never complain about others habits.
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interested in RTS>Free roam third person >Football>Racing > FPS in order

Awareness in India is slowly but surely rising ....... Game tourneys and LAN parties are becoming very popular in India nowadays , a Farcry [lol] from the days when i first started gaming ......

Gaming does really provide a lot of good benefits when not overdone :razz:


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Games: I love all types of games except some RPGs & STRAGEDYs ..

Not only my parent but also my friends tell me why i play games like a child..but I find no guilty here..I am loving it..I love to watch movies,play PC games,also collect them..& i will do it forever...i love to be in the virtual a time i play one latest & one old game for take the taste of old & new simultaneously...I played my 1st game in a cafe on 11/9/2001(very imp date) that was UT1..but mainly I enter in this gaming world on Dec2005 starting Project IGI on my own pc.afterthat I changed my system to P-D..I will take quad core after 2/3 months.just before 2 months i changed my gpu..but truly I am a hardcore gamer lacking bucks.......thats all..

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