Is Creative EP 630 Headphone available in Trivandrum

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I want to buy ep 630 Headphone for my K790i.. Is it available in TVM?? What kind of shops have Creative headphones?? Computer stores or normal electronic stores?? Plz reply..

Thnx in advance..


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Was quite difficult to find ep 630 in kochi.I contacted the official creative dealer & they said it wont be available here.Finally got the original one ( knew the differences b/w fake & real & checked the sound quality) without warranty for rs 800 from pentamenaka.Any such place in tvm?.U can get a better deal if u sell the hpm 62 where u buy.


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@siva:like Tiruchirapally "Theppakulam",In Trivendrum,I heard there is bima palli market ;) .
if asked,dealers may be able to get you one. :|


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Have u tried the usual shops like Logtech/Coax and various other computer dealers/assemblers ? They all stock Creative audio systems, please enquire if they can get their hands on a Creative EP 630.


buy a duplicate w series headphone which u can get for rs 150... then use that connector(3.5mm jack adapter) with ep 630..


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when I enquired it was not available in any computer shops but you can try your luck. You can maybe talk to the dealers and ask them to get you one if they are autorized creative distributers
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