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iRiver Clix 2nd Gen vs. iPod Nano 3rd Gen

Which would you spend your cash on?

  • iPod Nano 3rd Gen

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • iRiver Clix 2nd Gen

    Votes: 2 22.2%
  • Other [specify by post]

    Votes: 2 22.2%

  • Total voters
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The iRiver Clix 2nd Gen happens to be the highest rated Mp3 player on Cnet with a rating of 8.7 as compared to 8.0 of the new iPod Nano 3rd Gen. And after reading a bit about it , here's what I got :

iRiver Clix wins in :
  • Audio Quality
  • Screen Size
  • It has an FM Radio with Recording
  • It has built in voice recording
  • It can store text [like books]
  • Stock earphones
  • it has a better AMOLED screen as compared to TFT-LCD
  • Alarm Clock
  • Standard 2.0 mini-USB port [no iTunes required]
  • Alarm clock
Ipod Nano 3G wins in :
  • Price
  • iTunes integration [not really useful in India due to the lack of iTunes store]
  • Video Playback quality
  • Has a click wheel [not that the iRiver clix has a bad interface, i just prefer the click wheel]
From these, it appears that the iPod should have lost out to the clix a long time ago.... so why hasn't it ? Especially considering that both are flash based and available in capacities upto 8GB. I guess mainly because of the click wheel and the one-man marketing army that is Steve Jobs.

Vote now : which is the better Mp3 Player?

aneesh kalra

Mclaren F1 Long tail
aryayush said:
I would recommend the iPod. :)
Rephrase this,the ipod touch is better than the clix not the nano but the touch is more expensive as well.I have seen the older model of the clix and yes it has a much better interface than any ipod nano and is compact as well with no buttons whatsover and decent sound quality to boot.Only reason it does not sell in India is because of poor marketing,it is overall a much better product than the nano at a slightly higher price.
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aneesh kalra

Mclaren F1 Long tail
aryayush said:
Whoa! Whatever happened to that punctuation thing you learned in second grade, dude!
Stop pointing out mistakes english teacher,this is a tech forum and not a commas and full stop forum.


Hey aneesh, it is really internet etiquette to post using proper punctuation and grammar.

But yeah, i have to agree with you. The clix is the overall better player.


"The Cake is a Lie!!"
Both iPod Nano 4GB 3rd Gen and iRiver 4GB Clix costs almost the same. (AFAIK).

(Maybe iRiver is Rs.500-1000 cheaper, iPod Nano 4GB costs ~8k)
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