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ipod mini

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i was interested in buying an ipod mini player could anyone tell me if it is good or bad and are there anyother player in the same category i should consider


Wise Old Owl
A better option would be the Creative Zen Micro. It has FM and the 4GB version is cheaper than the 4GB iPod Mini. You could also look at MD players from Sony if you prefer removable storage over a micro-drive


Zen Micro 4 GB it is, select from many colors, FM Radio, can be used as a Pen drive & a lot cheaper then Ipod Mini, 14k for Zen Micro & 20 K for iPod Mini is lucknow, although Zen is without bill, as it is in gray market,

WMA at 128 kbps provides really close quality to 224 kbps mp3, what else do U want from a portable player


TE God
If you can get the iPod mini from the US there is nothing like it. It will cost you around 8.5k ($199).

It is around 12.5k in India (ebay.in).

Try the iRiver too but it is only available in the US.

The best in India I say is the Zen Micro.
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