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Ipod 30Gb for Immediate sale

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Hey der folks, I have a Ipod 30GB for immediate sale.
Reason for sellin it because I am collecting money for a bike.
I bought it in January month of 2007.
I don't have the bills with me as got it as a New year's gift from dad.
It loaded for newest hit from the rock and metal arena. 20 Gigs of Hardcore full albums of various bands. \m/
Anyways ma expected price is a modest 8k..Need d money urgently.
Reply to this post if ur serious (coz i am) A.S.A.P.
P.s.: Only for Bangalore residents..Not much idea in bank transfers so keeping it local.


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well whether its local or not, m goin 2 sel it off..workin perfectly...
So pls gimme sum feedbacks..need dat bike so much


damn busy...
without bill for 8k :shock:

better lower ur price to 5k and u will be able to sell it quickly


new sealed ipod 30 gb with warranty avlbl on ebay (though personally i don't believe on the warranty provided by ebay sellers) for Rs. 9500/-. take ur pick..


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not true.. a 30 gb ipod was available for 9.5k in chennai when its price was 249$.
so it'll take some time but the price will come down to the international price..


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hey man i am new to thinkdigit.com my name is kotnis i am ready to pay 7 grand but first give me more details i am bangolorean as u wanted i live near shivajinagar and sorry if u receive another copy of ur mail i did not know. bye
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