Iphone4s working only on Vodafone


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Hey guys,

Someone I know has an iphone 4s and bought it a while back. He added his vodafone sim and so far so good. Yesterday he decided to add idea/dolphin but an error was displayed. The same sim are working on other phones but not on iphone.


The phone doesn't seem to be factory locked. ANd yes, he had iOS 6 earlier, updated shortly to iOS 7.0.. and was working well. Now updated to iOS 7.0.3 and still worked but only with Vodafone. What gives?


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Ios 7 is so far the worst ios version I've come across...I didn't update any of my devices to ios 7 luckily
Yesterday my friends ipad mini decided to stop FaceTime access for some reason
Your friends best bet is to take it to a maple showroom/service centre and yell at them that's what my friend did and he got a new ipad mini as replacement
Good luck!! Hope I helped :)


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I don't think that would be the case as that's just a parameter of SIM memory, nothing else. And if at all it is there, it'd be already known.
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