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Ipad Air explodes at a Vodafone store in Australia


Cyborg Agent

Apple may have a few issues with its tablet line-up that were not earlier anticipated. According to a report by news.com.au, a Vodafone store in Canberra, Australia was evacuated and the fire brigade called for after a demo unit of the tablet caught fire. While the demo unit in question was identified as an iPad Air by 9to5Mac, there has not been any official word from Apple about the same.

A Vodafone spokesperson, while confirmed that event, said that, “A burst of flames” appeared from the charging port of an iPad demo model. The fire brigade was called in after the store filled with smoke and sparks continued to appear from the charging port.

The company confirmed that no staff members or customers were injured during the incident. The source reported that an Apple representative visited the store to collect the device for testing to pinpoint what may have caused the problem. Apple, however, has not yet commented about the event.

This is not the first time that reports of an iPhone or an iPad catching fire while charging have surfaced. In 2010, an iPhone 4 caught fire while connected to a computer via the USB cord. At the time, the Apple Store had confirmed that the fire was caused due to a faulty USB port. Another model was reported catching fire in Brazil, this time while the unit was being plugged in for charging. While the cause of incidents like this have normally been attributed to the use of third-party or counterfeit chargers, it seems unlikely that an official Vodafone store would use the same.



Didn't somebody died of electrocution from an Iphone somewhere in Japan or China. ?


Broken In

Hmmm but then both of the links point to users not using the original apple charger and the chargers that apple is replacing or rather I should say trade-in are for the fake one's with USD$ 10 and they give a original apple adapter...

Phew... I was scared... coz I own one of the first iPhone5 and I bought it from UK on Sep 21st 2012 (Launch Date) :p

Thanks for the links though, relaxed now... :D
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