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Inverter shifting to backup even when mains is ON


Right off the assembly line
Installed a new inverter today.
Exide home UPS 1450 VA
attached with 2 exide invamore T plate batteries (150AH each) (new)
Sometimes the inverter is shifting to battery backup even when the mains power is still ON.

Additional info :-

  • Input voltage in the range of 175-210 V

    No overload or high voltage situation

    After switching off the inverter power on/of switch, battery starts charging. charges for 10-15 seconds & agai the same problem occurs.

    Many times charging doesnt start even after flipping power on/of switch.

    After hours now the batteries are fully charged at 27.4 V (as shown in the display) & problem seems to have disappeared for now

What seems to be the problem?


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Get it checked under warranty.

There are simply too many points in the circuit to guess where its faulty.


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Inverter will shift to batter only when:
1. There is a power cut
2. Mains voltage is very very low

If none of these, then get it checked.
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