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Introduce yourselves


hi this is neha.....
going to send yr..
gonna take a few intro..
well still ready to give mine ryt now....

new to thinkdigit.com and quite happy to learn a few good things over here...
Welcome to TDF. Here, take a look at the rules.


BMG ftw!!
After reading this forum for last 1 year, I've decided to register. :)
Personally, I'm a 4th year engg student in computer science, part of TBDEV dev team, and jQueary core dev/disigner.


Thank you so much sarath :)
most of the things discussed go above my head but it is informative ,i am kinda learning new new things :)

You are most welcome here. Everyone here will help you in your journey into the tech world.

I was in your shoes a few months ago. I will pass on mine to you and steal someone else's in due time :-D


RPG Overlord
Hello! New member here!
This is Mohsin here, nicknamed MM99 by my friends for some reason I don't know hence my username.

I wish to be an active member of the commnity and hopefully help others as well in the process. I have been reading Digit since 2007 and it's awesome!!!

Hope you guys go easy on me!
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