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Internet through Reliance/TATA phones

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Hi Everybody

I am planning to get a Reliance / TATA internet connection through Fixed wirelss phone. I wanted to know if P2P softwares like eMule can be used with Reliance / Tata connections.
Please let me know if anybody is using eMule or Kaaza with Reliance / TATA internet connections

Thanks in advance


it's internet and u can use anything u like...
but the speed is too slow ... so i dont think it's worth

fixed internet is better/faster/cheaper

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Who said that the speed is too slow?
Man, Reliance gives the BEST internet speed, i hv even seen!
I hv a Reliance FWP (LG LSP 350R) too and i get gr8 speed and more than 10Kbps d/l speed...


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You claimed that it gave the best internet speed you have ever seen. Can't spot the word 'dial-up'. :p


Right off the assembly line
I have the Reliance ZTE Sierra Card 144 kbps unlimited 1500/mnth, dl(14-16kBps), its on p2p whole night.. works like a breeze.

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
aryayush said:
You claimed that it gave the best internet speed you have ever seen. Can't spot the word 'dial-up'.
Very funny!
bcoz the author of the post was talking about Reliance FWP...


In the zone
i used reliance dial-up conn,using a lg cdma phone.Its a complete loss,a thousand odd bucks for the data cable,nearly 24 bucks during peak hours and a pathetic speed at an average of 4KBps.30mins of browsing the net on a reliance dial up is equal to 5mins on a broadband.

Choto Cheeta

yeah LG LSP 350 R/T is good... but ming u... reliance dont have the 1500 plan any more... tata still has it... but new customer cant have reliance unlimited 1500 over any phone, but reliance 1500 can be taken with R connect card only...

anyway TATA also a good option but here in Kolkata we get around 8-10 KBPS download speed....


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hey guys

Thanks to all of you for their views. I had inquired at Reliance Webworld, they said they have nights unlimited package which i think suits me as during the day i'll be at office. They said that it would cost abt 400 - 500 Rs something for this package. They said it includes the monthly rental for the phone.

I think I might get good speed at my place as we have a Reliance antennae on our building terrace. (the place i live is like a no man's land, no other operator is providing ISP services here. In the surrounding areas, we have sify, but nothing in my area.)
I wanted to know if there are any fine print, some hidden clause for this type of net connection. I want to use net mainly for P2P software.


Aspiring Novelist
Vishal Gupta said:
Very funny!
bcoz the author of the post was talking about Reliance FWP...
OK, there's no need to take offence, man! :)

BTW, dial-up just sucks IMHO. My brother in Kolkata had the Reliance connection and it was as slow as, if not slower, than a tortoise. Honestly, if it were any slower, it would've been going backwards!


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Hey man I would like to recomend Sify broad band instead of tata/reliance dialup (sify has been giving me constant 14 - 20 kbps)
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