Intel slashes Xeon, Core 2 Duo prices

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A week after trumpeting a healthy second quarter profit leap, Intel has slashed the prices of several server and desktop processors.

Most notably, the price of the top-of-line Core 2 Duo - the 3.1GHZ E8500 - dropped from $266 to $183, a 31 per cent plunge. The slightly slower E8400 also received a cut, an 11 per cent drop from $183 to $163. And at the lower end of the Core 2 Duo line, Intel lopped 15 per cent from the price of the E7200, a 2.53GHz chip with a 3M L2 cache and a 1066MHz front side bus.

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any idea when we can see price drop effective in INDIA?


Thats bad news for AMD..
@gary4gar: I guess in about a week, it'll go down.. But no as low as they've mentioned there.. It will be a li'l more expensive.. At least by about .5-1k:)


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thanks for the news mate,i will wait for amd to cut the price now...want to up my x2 3600.
i think i might be able to get a better one for 2k or so.


Finally ultimate gaming procy (E8500) has hit $183. In India it might cost 9k a 4k drop from 13k in Hyd. Hopefully even Q9450 will also drop to a more affordable 10.5k.
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