Intel releases first 45nm Quad Core Processor

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Power consumption is damn low. It consumes the same as a Core 2 Duo E6750 and gives the performance of a 4-core processor!!

More reviews:

Go Intel go!! :)

P.S: Over clocked to over 4GHz (from 3GHz) on stock heat sink!! (not going to happen in India though)


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We were naturally quite cautious given a new process which lowers the internal voltage and makes it more susceptible to over-voltage when overclocking. We weren't prepared to sacrifice such a particularly expensive CPU so we upped the voltage to a rather tame 1.435V on our Asus Blitz Extreme, with a Zalman CNPS9700 CPU heatsink.

It just kept going.

4GHz, 4.1, 4.25... 4.35. Literally 10 minutes work with a combination of front side bus and multiplier and we had the machine booting into Windows and Prime95ing at 4,350MHz.
Our CPU is an engineering sample so we'll come back to overclocking when better price-performance retail versions come available, but with more voltage, better cooling and obviously more time to investigate the limits these things should fly.


4 GHz Quad Core


I got to have one :lol:

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hmm.. Later on 2008 we are expected to have socket LGA1366 with Nehalem architechture with 8 Core and the come back of the Hyper Threading meaning 2 threads on each core :D (Code named Bloomfield)

So later thought I would say I would wait with my E6600 + ThermalRight ultra at 3.6 GHz :D for the LGA1366 + Bloomfield :D


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^^^^ what.......??

that means logically 16 cores? the OS will see it as 16 CPUs? isnt it? ... i mean 16 simmultaneous threads... :))

this is gonna be my stuff ....

BTW... when is gonna LGA 775 get phased out?..

any chances that a version of 8 core is gonna work on this platform??

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yes Later at 2008 intel is expected to come up with the X48 "Tylersburg" chipset whih would come with only DDR3 support and the new LGA 1366 socket !!!

but even though, it will be out of my budget :lol: till the more mainstream stuff comes in the market, which would mean middle 2009, is when I may get a Bloomfield config :lol: in India


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It's almost a bit disheartening to see Penryn launch at only 3.0GHz, as we know the architecture is capable of so much more. Unfortunately, what it looks like we're seeing here today is an artificial slowing of Intel's roadmap in response to the competition. While the tick-tock model is still very much in play and Nehalem is on track for a late '08 release, we're getting a 1333MHz FSB 3.0GHz QX9650 today instead of a 1600MHz FSB 3.2GHz Q9770 because there's no competitive reason for anything more. AMD's Phenom still isn't out and all indications are that we won't see 3GHz from AMD until sometime next year, meaning that Intel definitely doesn't have any real incentive to push the performance envelope this year.

No competition .. so its not worth to give out max performing CPU's now. once AMD starts to get close to Intel , then intel will release more powerfull CPU's. :rolleyes: and the party goes on..

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its quite right, if there were some heavy compitition then yes no late 2008 rather in middle we would have seen nehalen, not only the xtreme editions but rather the mainstream Nehalem architechture...
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