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i m planning 2 buy a intel original 925 mobo or i shud buy an asus 925 mobo which Model?i hav sum confusion-which one is betta Intel D925XECV2 or Intel Board D925XEBC2 and wats de difference between da 2???does it support sata2?does sata2 is available in de market?how much 120-160 sata2 will cost me and which company?as it support ddr2 533,so how much will 512 ddr2 533MHz will cost me and which is de best company for ddr2 as want de best ddr2 533MHz ram as afta dis i wont b able 2 change it.i m goin for LGA775 P4 3GHz 2MB L2 Cache.


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Dude when will decide n buy .. this is the 5th or 6th post of urs regarding the same query .. why are u so confused ? why dont u use the websites of the companies to check the features of the motherbaords (u r an experienced user and u know bout hardware ) .. regarding pricing of products .. use the sticky made for it.

anyways here i go again for u ,

Buy the Asus 925 board and i had suggested the models already in your previous post. do check it.

the difference between the intel D925XECV2 and D925XEBC2 is that the latter is a micro atx board n the former is an ATX board. go for the former. Both these boards dont support sata 2. Sata 2 drives are available in d market from hitachi and samsung for as low as 3500/- for 80 gb. ddr2 ram prices also have fallen and 512 mb 533mhz ddr2 will cost u around 3000-3500/- (approx. will vary with brand). the best brands are kingston , corsair , transcend or even zion.
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