inspire 5500 and audigy 2

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anybody know if the creative inspire 5500 are compatible with the creative sound blaster audigy 2?

cnet says that they aren't, but they should be...




there cant be compatibility issues between speakers and sound cards
atleast i dun think so
just that u'll be usin 5.1 speakers on a 6.1/7.1 card
anyways this is suave_guy's department ....
wait for him


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"The product is not compatible with a Creative Audigy 2 sound card. The connection cable that is provided to link to the decoder connects 2 incompatible plugs. So when watching DVD or playing surround games you lose the sound in the rear boxes. I found a thread on the Creative forums where someone explains it is a design problem, the solution is to bypass the decoder and put the box plugs directly in the soundcard. (Though the system works correctly with a XBOX or DVD apparently.) I only recently bought a Creative Audigy 2, just to be able to enjoy the sound I was missing... now I must buy another speakerset! "

from cnet


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get some other speakers if they aren't sure there will b other speakers that r compatible...and as raven sez, it should not b an issue...


I think they are compatible, coz one of my cousins has the same config and it works for him. Check with a local hardware guy or the guy whose sellin u the card/speakers
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