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I want to take bsnl bb. I don have telephone so i need to apply for that also.
I have registered online. No reply still now. Already 3 weeks passed.
can any one give me details about how to proceed.
What documents are required? And how much money required as i am bit confused with the modem thing.
also there are 2 unlimited version. What is the difference? And am stayih at bangalore


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Don't rely on the babus honoring an online application.Go to your local exchange and fill up a form for a new connection.You may need to furnish a residence proof,PAN card etc.
Plan 900UL-plus waives your monthly rental but no more free calls,whereas in plan 900UL you need to pay the rental but you get some free calls per month afaik.
For a type-1 modem you need to pay rs1200 + one month's bb charge of rs900/-.So a total of ~2100 for the 1st month.


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In Bangalore its taking 3 Months+ for getting a connection. BSNL is totally out of ports.

Try airtel if it is available in ur can get your internet running within one week.
I am doing training in airtel BB..and we are giving fresh coneection in 3 days..when all formalty is correct.


ravi.. in my town bsnl's the best .my connection was up and running within 36 hours of applcation .

^^^^^^^^thats gr8.I wish BSNL provide same service all over India. But believe me,this rarely happens.
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Everything depends on the Ports availability .
If Ports are there then its only unto the BSNL Babus who should find the necessary time,But it is fast if ports are available.
However ports availability depends on area to area.! So first through back door get the information of ports. If its there go for one..else wait for 3 months or more...
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