indian batting hits ground zero

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Three wickets for Clarke in one over have sealed a record-equalling 16 Test wins in a row for Australia in the second Test at the SCG, so they take a 2-0 lead in the series. This game has had everything - excellent batting and disciplined bowling, but will be remembered, too, for some questionable umpiring decisions.
but austrlians shows why they are world champions! india need to do some thought provoking excersises to avoid white wash!


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World champion!!! I will definitely say that this is not a win for Australia because of their cricketing ability but because of stupid and dumb-ass umpiring. There is nothing questionable here as it is clear from all TV replays that both the decisions for Ganguly and Dravid were not right. On the other hand during Australia's innings, there was one definite out which was declined.

I think the Indian team management should apply to the ICC for sacking of the umpires, Steve Bucknor in particular, he is too old for the game anyway. If the ICC does not take any step, then Indian team should refuse to participate in future cricketing events. Then ICC will feel the heat as 80% of sponsor's money comes when India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka are playing and not when Australia is playing.

Also I think strong action should be taken against Ricky Ponting as during the fall of Ganguly's wicket, when he was asked whether the catch was there or not, he said the catch is taken even though he knew that it was not a catch as the ball touched the ground. He should have said to ask the third umpire, that is why third umpire is there anyway.

All in all, I will say that cricket is the one who has lost and not India.


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:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
You should have seen the look on Anil's face at the end of match interview with Harsha. I won't be surprised if he smacks a few blows in Bucknor's face.
I don't think thats there any need to travel down under pay crores of rupees as taxes and have dumba$$ umpires help Asstralia to their way to a World Record.
I think that India was the better team and they deserved to win this test had it not been for the brilliant diplay by the umpires.
I hope Ponting dies in a car accident on this way home...:mad:

I hope that India really crush the Asstralians in the next match and show them how MEN play.


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I read somewhere in cricinfo that Chanderpaul mentioned that had it not for the biased umpiring decisions particularly on Australian soil, then Australia would not have looked so invincible. This test was not won by them on cricketing abilities, but for pathetic umpiring decisions at crucial points in the match. I think Kumble should have done something like Inzamam in England last year when he refused to play.

Some stupid decisions:mad:

1-Ponting was out caught behind off the bowling of Ganguly but was given not out.
2-Symonds was out thrice, once caught behind, once stumped and once I do not remember but cricinfo had mentioned that.
3-Rahul Dravid was given out caught behind while clearly the ball brushed his pad with the bat tucked behind the bat.
4-Sourav Ganguly was adjudged caught in the slips when the catch was not cleanly taken, in fact the ball clearly touched the ground.
5-Dhoni's lbw decision in the 2nd innings was questionable.

A test cannot be won with so many bad decisions. ICC should sack Bucknor from the elite panel.:mad:

Combined to that I just read that Harbhajan was handed a 3 match ban when the real culprit was Symonds. And who the h*ll is Ponting to show the umpire and tell him to raise his finger to give Ganguly out???:mad: I think he should also be banned temporarily for (as they say) a level three offense. BCCI can suggest to boycott the test tour or replay this match with better umpires.:mad:

We stayed upto 2AM here in USA only to see these stupid umpiring decisions.:mad::mad::mad:

So it's not Indian batting hitting ground zero but the umpiring hitting ground zero.
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