India Drub Tajikisthan to Win AFC Cup!!!

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Some relief for Indians as after the loss to SriLanka in cricket, they have got second great news of Indians winning in other sports.


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I think football has a huge potential in India;within a couple of decades, it could be a very popular games and we may even see India qualifying for WC and getting to semi's..


good ... but i dont see kids playing the game these days in my area.
neither is the game encouraged in school.
80% of the school matches and inter-school matches happens in the slush in rainy seasons where people/kids with good ball control and technique are of no use.
only the physically stronger ones who kick the ball the hardest get a chance to go ahead.
such players from all arnd the country reach the national level. they learn dribbling at the age of 22-23 at a time when their counterparts in Europe/Americas v won atleast 2- Champions league/League titles or the WC.
hence the sorry state of affairs of the game in India !!!


Om Ma Ni Pä Me Hum
. Watched the semi final matches . . India loses in terms of infrastructure . . The ground condition was the worst thing to watch . . If it wasnt rainy and the ground not muddy pool india would not have reached anywhere . .


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Great achievement for India, considering how little attention is given to football in this country. The facilities are non-existent, the grounds are not much better than mudpatches and the crowds... Where ARE the crowds??? Probably watching the Indian cricket team win a series in Sri lanka 'for the first time in 15 or so years'. :mad:
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