In ear headset to match the legend(s)


I reign hell..
Hey guys,

As of now, I own two phones - Lumia 800 and Old School N91 Music Edition (8GB). The problem with both the sets is that they are notorious for their respective follies.

Lumia 800 doesn't allows a typical WH-205 in ear headset's inline controls to work on it. (Next station etc!).
And to make the matter worse, N91 literally de-virginized the very same WH-205 because I played a peppy beat up song with the amplifier on, at 75-80% of volume and now the headphone's outer drum shell of bleak cover has been blown up, it doesn't sounds any good.

I am not very willing to pick up another WH-205 because its inline controls don't work with lumia and neither with N91, apart from it being too vulnerable for N91. Though the headset is pretty good for the price.

So I need a recommendation for an in ear headset that supports inline controls and can handle the beastly output of The God - N91.

Do not suggest Nokia Purity, they are beyond my reach!

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