If you had to select only one movie as the best you have ever watched


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I know its a very hard decision, but the only movie which has left me haunted by its amazing plot and which i consider the best movie i have watched is

The secret in their eyes.

El secreto de sus ojos (2009) - IMDb

The moment when he says "You said, for life" for me that is the greatest movie moment ever. I was just having goosebumps and i was just lost in thoughts for an hour after having completed this.

I think given enough posts, this thread could indirectly become a Must Watch movies thread.


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Yeah yeah, my intention is not to create another must watch movies thread. If it becomes one by virtue of reference, its fine.

I wanted to know what other people would choose as the best movie they have ever watched and some reasoning as to why.


The Prestige (2006) : Starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. ( this movie has everything one may need )
If given another choice .
They would be Inglorious Basterds (acting is awesome) and The Butterfly Effect (perfect plot.)


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No way I can, or wanna choose one movie. So choosing five, even five is low!

Raging Bull

Shawsank Redemption

The English Patient

Schindler's List [If someone puts a gun in my head then I probably will pick this one, probably]

Gangs of Wasseypur

My IMDB ratings
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Pan's Labyrinth

There are others quite close but as a "recommended for everyone", Pan's Labyrinth win.


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oh cool. Had to choose between two, but both are already listed, so can safely post them. pan's labyrinth - because the last scene goes too far. And the prestige - keep watching bits of this over and over again. The detailing is crazy, someone posted about an obscure fact about Tesla wearing white gloves all the time - and I saw the movie to check if he was wearing white gloves, and he was. The movie has the dialogue "are you watching closely?" almost every 5 minutes, and you can keep watching it very, very closely. Like frame by frame closely.


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I love many films. A lot are my favorites. But since I have to choose Just One movie of all time, I would choose:

Back to the Future
It have everything a Sci Fiction + Time Travel fan would ever want. It's just Epic. It's Legendary. And it's Heavy! It's one hell of a ride. I could write a lot about this film. But its easier just to watch it and understand yourself.

Thanks for this thread. I now have bookmarked some of the movies mentioned here. (Pan's Labyrinth, El secreto de sus ojos and The Gods must be crazy).

My only request to members here is not to go Offtopic. Post only One movie. Atleast only one movie per post.
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Office space.
Its a Comedy flick. I chose it because I can't really find many comedy movies that really makes me watch it again and again.
Better Action and drama genre movies are made all the time.




English : I can't decide between Pursuit of happyness and The Shawsank Redemption

Hindi : Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara..those short peoms by Javed Akhtar ( In Farhan Akhtar's voice ) were amazing !!

Tamil : I am a sucker for Rajni flicks. :)


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Needs no introduction - All know about this movie - Life is beautiful

The expression when Guido shows while the Doctor asks the answer for the riddle, insteading of helping him is chanceless.
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