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If you can't beat them, buy them; Facebook acquires whatsapp for $19 Billion

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^^ In that case it was hell of a bad deal for Mark. And a lottery for the 50 employees of WhatsApp.


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Re: Flame war against FB.

Which planet are you from:p?

Hey I assumed that reply will be coming.:-D

I had a phone (with Tata CDMA sim) when I was out of my city for study.I am doing self study at home right now so I gave that phone to my brother.

By the way I got Nokia Asha 501 from DVLUP. :)
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One question that bothers me, FB paid most of the amount with their stocks, which took another nosedive the next day, and keep falling, so how much the deal is actually worth now? And how much would that be after an year? The guys from Whatsapp who agreed to this deal have made a very huge gamble.


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Well they can sell it all, anyday they want. That's not actually a gamble, but a fate that you have in your control.

It's not like that fb shares would tumble down to bottom in a day or even an year, so you really can't say it a "gamble".
But still using BBM will be a pain I uninstalled it last week coz of it's battery drain issue. What's app never drains battery at least in my case.
True. Even I was carried away with the hype and installed it but after installing I simply found it to be an app that was capturing a considerable amount of space in my mobile. Horrible! there is no comparison between these two apps.


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no just want to move away from fb telegram app is the sensible way now.

Just found a small negative for Telegram which otherwise is an excellent WhatsApp clone:
While selecting images to send, Telegram does not use a preview step. Thus you have to decide on the basis of image thumbnails alone which can be quite tricky.
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