IEMs around 1-2k ..with Playback Controls needed

I used a Mi Piston earbuds which could control the stock Android music player(forward backward) apart from volume controls.(On my LG G2) I dont remember the exact make and cost of that IEM . I bought it long time back.
Can anyone point me to that earphone, or give me an alternative IEM which will allow forward backward and volume controls for Sony Xperia Z3mini.

Should be approx 1 k or below.

The Mi Piston 3 i see on ebay are kinda different from the one i had. Check this one: Xiaomi MI Piston 3 Orignal Earphone Upgraded Design Reddot Design Award Winner | eBay

It seems to have only volume controls, no playback controls. I cant seem to find the model with playback controls. Or was this the earphone i used years ago.. I have a bad memoty
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