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iball pen tablet 5540U

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iball pen tablet 5540U with bill (1-1-2008)

hey guys

want to sell my brand new packed iball pen tablet model 5540U

purchased today from nehru place

price 1850rs + shipping ( with bill dated 1 january 2008

rediff price 2498rs + shipping


ebay price 2499rs + shipping


Description: The iPen Tablet offers users the flexibility to write, draw, design, interact with the Graphical User Interface and perform other input-related tasks in a very user-friendly manner. Also comes with a 3 button cordless mouse.
Pressure Sensitivity: 1024 Levels

reason for sale : I asked my friend to buy it for me as he were going to nehru place , delhi. He purchased the medium size but i wanted the big size.

any one interested plz reply as soon as possible

delhi buyer prefered
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hey, don't try to sell it by giving these online sites' prices... they are way higher then the market price... tell me how much u actually bought it for???


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hey buddy do not take interest how much i took it for if u think it is a interesting deal u can pm me
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