I want to buy Wii!

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hey guys

I want to buy Wii, any suggestions, 8)

does any one of you have Nintendo Wii??

where can I get a good deal. :mrgreen:



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and now we get xbox 360 for same price, makes xbox much more VFM with it's wide range of games, better graphics and audio (dolby), moddable and FORZA 3!!!!


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But Xbox and ps3 lacks the uniqueness and charming titles that make out there way only to the Wii. Small Nintendo is giving tough fight since 8-bit gaming. Now.. It is heading with Titans(M$ & $ony). Wii is for the people who wants to enjoy the games no matter what they actually are. I love you Nintendo for your NES(Man.. what a console it was :grin:)


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Nintendo is for gamers who like to have fun.with their friennds or alone.Their games are made on such a way tht you get addicted to them no matter what.

Well if you want to buy a wii i say go for it as the price doesn't differ much in different cities.You should try croma for best prices.There are approx. 1800 games for the wii.out of those around 50 are a must play.Especially the mario ones.

best of luck.

Refer this site for more.


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hey guys

I want to buy Wii, any suggestions, 8)

does any one of you have Nintendo Wii??

where can I get a good deal. :mrgreen:


I just bought one last weekend here in bangalore.
Quite happy with it so far.
what is available in India are the korean modded versions.
Except for the user manual there is nothing else in korean.

One suggestion though(which I read over wii based forums): the game DVDs that you get, burn a copy of them on a good branded DVD minus R drives at 2x/4x speed. People have been saying that the cheap local dvd's will damage the console lens.

Damages: 14k for the console. 2.8k for spare remote and nunchuk + 3 additional game dvds.



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Sorry for late reply guys I was just searching a bit then i didn't get notification. anyways guys

games are easily available here in Kamala Nagar, Delhi. there is a toyshop. (except u can get them at ur fav place too), btw are you from from KV Shalimar by any chance i had a friend in class 10 back then with the same name.
I am considering wii for the style of play. its the motion gaming that has cought me, other wise I had gaming workstation and logitech rumble pad to play one. I think Wii is a better buy over xbox n ps-3. who needs blueray in india anyway. i love divx lol. no seriously i want to buy wii for its motion controller
exactly man.. its the love of the game. I didnt like it first but you kind of grown on that.

yeah the mario ones are really good, I remember the old days, I never knew that they gonna come back. but never say never. :)) also, actually i kind of looking for a good deal. Chroma will have an MRP ..and to note that it wont have it as Wii is not officially in India yet. we want a modded one, or cheaper one that I can soft mod myself.
and can you tell me more about that site is that Indian forum or can we ask them where to buy best deal for wii.

awesome.. congrats bro, cool.
> 1. yeah I always use Verbatim DVD+R .. so thats not an issue, they are better than my experience with writex or moser/
> 2. I think you are right about that, what we are getting here in indian market stores are hardware modded. look here http://www.jjmehta.com/products/nintendowii_console.html this is a hardware modded one, meaning they have a mod chip installed on hardware. so thats always the best option but then the price is also high here. considering in usa people are getting wii for 9,000 or 10,000 only.
> 3. If I can buy a cheap unmodded one then I can soft mod it to play Pal and NTSC both and also the Divx movies, that way i will have a dvd player as well/
> 4. what games have you played till now, Mario Galaxy is cool, and Virtual Tennis too


see I am about to buy this so I am trying to find a good deal. You are always short on money when you buy the gadgets isnt it/ what we need is console + 2 controllers + 2 nunchucks , though there are 4 can be added at max, we can by the controllers anytime but we need the wii-console at first. so here it goes my research, my friend here who tempted me to buy wii in the first place has bought the wii from the guy here at toyshop at Rs.14,000 for console + 2controllers + 2nunchuks, but he is selling at Rs.13k now for console with one controller.
well he says comeback after a week. I think either he is short on stock or the price is risen from the back in grey market.. but now I think since Black One < Nintendo Wii Kuro > is about to come why not buy that what you say. or get a US Make and softmod myself. I have to softmod the blackone too anyways. Blaack one is Japanese interface NTSC-J and US make has NTSC but its atleats english interface to start with, so easier to hack.

>> http://www.engadget.com/tag/black+wii/


comment on this please..!!

where shall i buy.. ebay.com or anyother place or local store?

white or black?

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What video game console is better for you ?

The Wii ? Unsure

PlayStation 3 ?

XBOX 360 ?

Better play with a PC ?


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Wii Games(original) are sold in India....it's true

I went to Citywalk(mall) New Delhi yesterday and saw a store full of original console games for PSP, PS2, PS3, XBOX360, Wii, DS.....


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no doubts buy a wii
i bought mine almost an year ago and its just simply amazing.....its the best thing to have when you have friends over.....

also modding it is the easiest thing ever.....
i hacked and updated mine without any problems whatsoever
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