I think all my appliances are getting too hot :S Help!


Hi all!

I'm based in Delhi and for the past few months it seems that all the major electrical appliances in my house seem to be getting too hot.

I just touched the side of my old samsung fridge and it was really hot. There were some areas where I couldn't even touch it for more than 5 seconds.

Other than that, it seems my tv set top box, CPU, monitor front (Old Samsung SyncMaster 540n), the subwoofer of my altec lansing vs 2321 and the back of a little table fan all seem to be getting too hot. I suspect this is not normal considering temperatures are now falling in this city.

What could possibly be going on with my electrical connections? Or is this normal?


check the mains voltage to start with - voltage difference between neutral and hot lines. also, the difference between earth - neutral and earth - hot.


Thanks for your reply. Where should I check it from? The main circuit board or where the appliances are connected?
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