hw to earn online?


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Paisalive, and whatever all these websites are fake i'll tell you some reasons
1)they wont give you money for simply login in their site or refering paisa pay to your friends
2)Most of the website show you earned XXX $ but dont pay it to you
3)They show you a link(a news item) saying this mom from chennai./bangalore/mumbai earns xxxxx rs by visiting our site,look at this site without deleting indexit.info from the adress bar,click on home , market or anything else,it takes you to someother website.See? Do you understand what that means? it's fake
Some charge you 50$ saying its for registration people fall for it thinking they will earn much more esp after seein that link of fake news


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Who said Its hard to earn from Internet ? lol.. I'm earning since past 2 years and now making around 2000$ per month.. and If any of you guys interested in earning online.. Just hook me up..


If you are good in grammar, you can write articles, and submit them online in article submission sites. Articles are in great demands now days for online marketing purposes. Other than than if you like taking photographs, upload unique collections online. It will be best if you have a consult with eJobsJunction.com. They can guide you in the best ways.


Try to search bugs or loopholes in Facebook. If you find any, you'll get 500$ + recognition. :D

have you found any bugs? And how to find them? I'm not a very knowing boy about these. I've tried some survey sites but they are fake. I also want to earn money during my holidays.
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