HP Pavilion 15/G6 - powered by AMD Trinity/Kabini/Richland


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thanks maybe it does not supports trinity..
showing 0 degrees

tj max 100 *c
CPU 0 - 0*c
Min - 0*C
Max- 0*c

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Check if you can disable it. The drivers i installed initially(12 or 13 something) allowed me to disable crossfire, but the later ones for some reason didnt.

if you disable crossfire it will shift back to 7640g the igp which is less powerful than 7670m..
the choice is between

7640g + 7670m

no option to use 7670m alone
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Can anyone confirm if this is the original HP g6 2005AX (2012) motherboard? I had it replaced, just want to confirm that its the same motherboard



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guys i m facing isuue with my graphics card , ny lapee is hp pavilion g6 2005ax,
my intr gpu is AMD Radeon HD7640 and dedicated is AMD Radeon HD7670,
but the problem is while mine AMD Radeon HD7640 (512mb)is detected by the system but AMD Radeon HD7670(1Gb) is showed as AMD Radeon HD7600 .
in my CCC in hardware info my grapshics with crossfire enabled it is showing only 512 MB ,
so i tried every possible way but no help
plz any1 can u help me find the solution


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I own a hp g6 2301ax and its battery is completely gone. Now it always requires to be plugged in . What will the the price of a new battery and from where should I buy it ?

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Hello I checked my Noctua NT h1 its lost in my home :D..I think i have to buy new.Which one will you suggest.Artic Silver 5 or any other.

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and what will be the best method to apply.Pea method or spread?


Update: 29 April 2016
I opened the laptop and there was no dust on fan..I have applied Deepcool z5 to both cpu gpu

But still now the cpu temp is 100+ , reported by hwmonitor, its reaching 135 sometimes on load

Now everything is clean,new thermal grease,cooling pad what can be the prob

Motherboard over?
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