Hows this HDD camcorder ??

Discussion in 'QnA (read only)' started by esumitkumar, Sep 16, 2005.

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  1. esumitkumar

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    Feb 8, 2004
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    HI .....plz answer my questions looking at this product

    JVC GZ-MG20

    Product Features:
    # 1/6" 800K CCD
    # 25x Optical Zoom & 800x Digital Zoom with Digital Image Stabilser
    # Bright F1.8 Lens with 27mm filter thread
    # Internal 20GB hard-disk drive records MPEG-2 video and JPEG stills
    # Floating suspension with drop detection protects HDD
    # Long-Time High Quality Video record times:
    # Up to 4hrs 50 mins in Ultra (DVD Movie) mode with 720 x 576 pixels @ 8.5Mbps
    # Up to 7hrs 10 mins in Fine (DVD) mode with 720 x 576 pixels @ 5.5Mbps
    # Up to 9hrs 30 mins in Norm (TV) mode with 720 x 576 pixels @ 4.2Mbps
    # Up to 25hrs 30 mins in Eco (Internet) mode with 352 x 288 pixels @ 1.5Mbps
    # Widescreen 16:9 video recording mode - ideal for playback on widescreen TVs
    # Dolby Digital and 3-Dimension Noise Reduction
    # Records stills at 640 x 480 resolution
    # Shutter speeds range ½ - 1/4000th sec video, ½ - 1/500th sec stills
    # 2.5" LCD monitor with 112K pixels
    # White Balance modes include: Auto, MWB, Fine, Cloud and Halogen
    # Programme Exposure modes include: Sepia, Black & White, Twilight, Classic Film, Strobe, Snow, Spotlight, Fixed Shutter and Sports
    # Auto and Manual Focus, Built-In Autoflash
    # Simple editing on-camcorder, with Direct scene access & Easy scene deletion
    # 1 x SD Card slot, USB 2.0, S-Video Out, AV Out, DC In
    # Pictbridge for digital still printing, DPOF compatible
    # Windows software: PowerProducer, PowerDirector & PowerDVD
    # Mac software: Capty MPEG Edit EX
    # Measures 67 x 70 x 109mm
    # Weighs 380g including battery

    Supplied Accessories:
    AC Power Adapter, Rechargeable Battery Pack (BN-VF707, 700mAh), AV Cable, USB Cable, Remote Control, Shoulder Strap, Grip Belt, Lens Cap, Software CD-ROM

    Now my questions ?

    1. Does 0.8 MP camcorder means good quality and resolution?
    2. How is the movie quality and color in MPEG2 format ? as compared to DVD
    3. Is taking HDD camcorder gud than taking a DVD camcorder ?

  2. ishaan

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    Feb 28, 2004
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    New Delhi
    i donno about the first one.

    2. mpeg2 is dvd quality only.

    3. it depends...would u rather hav lil dvds all ovr the place ? or wud u rather keep d stuff on ur pc and only burn stuff u really need ?....according 2 ur needs, u DVD-Rs dont work on many old dvd players
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