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how to see when the PC was last used?

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Hmm ...

Try these :

1) go to Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Event Viewer. Check the various logs and you can get an idea when it was last started etc

2)If you just want to know when it was last booted, open a command prompt and type:

net statistics workstation

Hope it Helps ...
hello everyone.
Sorry for Bumping this thread (though its not that OLD :p ).
As told by Saroman, event viewer is the best tool for this. comes along default Windows Installation.
to be more precise. Open event viewer (Start-->Run-->eventvwr)
Proceed to application Category.
See for entries which has "WinLogon" as source ( there can be thousands of such entries if u dnt clear ur logs frequently).
Done , now u know all the instances when ur PC was booted up.
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