How to retrieve Gmail using Nokia 7610 pop client

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I used the settings on gmail's settings page but the N7610 pop client gives me time out error. My network is Orange & I have activated GPRS. Please help me with settings. Thanks in adavnce.

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did u activate gmail's pop feature? if no... then activate it from the settings thing in gmail....


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How to access GMail through Nokia 7610 POP client

OK, here's what you do:

Create a new mailbox through Messaging, and the basic settings will be:

Access point: [Whatever your current GPRS access point is]
My e-mail address: [Your e-mail address]
Outgoing mail server:
User name: [Your email address]
Password: [You know it obviously]
Incoming mail server:
Mailbox type: POP3
Security: SSL
APOP secure login: No
The rest you can decide yourself.

Most probably you did not enable the Security option to SSL, so please double-check on that.


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No luck buddy! I gave it a try once again & double checked that SSL is enabled, but still I get the time out error. But thankx anywayz for replying.

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How is that possible? It works for me everytime! Why don't you post the settings YOU used for the account. Maybe there's something else that's wrong. I think you need to make sure APOP is off.


its not working in my mobile either

i have Sony Ericsson T230

it supports POP
i have orange connection with Rs.99 GPRS activated ....
i v tried accessing POP using my mobile ...
it doesnt work
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