how to protect my p.c when it is in hibernation and i am away???

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hi i put my p.c in hibernate state and then sometimes i am not around.
how do i prevent anyone from using it???
i put a password on the login but if i am logged in and i hibernate my p.c and i go away then anyone can start it from hibernate state and use how do i make sure no one is able to use it.


its simple just give password to ur user account or u can also give BIOS password.


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Right click on desktop, select properties. In the Screen saver tab, look for the option "On resume display welcome screen" Select this option, now it would display the welcome screen prompting for a password provided that a password is already set


if you had used Hibernation mode, you'll know that if you turn it ON, (generally) in the "Welcome Screen", you can turn OFF the PC.

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^^ Cannot undersrand what u r asking..??
S1800 means if someone on the PC in hibernation mode and even if he dont login to any user he can turn off the PC and the hibernation data will be lost :rolleyes:

the simplest way is to give a BIOS Password


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BTW, if u hibernate the PC and if someone else tries to turn off the comp, a message stating that users are connected to this compuer is displayed. You can let the other users know about this and ask them to hibernate in such a scenario.
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