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How to make IDE Cables more "Air Flow" friendly

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ok, for this, the items required are..
1. a Knife/ Blade having a sharp tip, sharp edge and a blunt edge
2. two IDE Cables (other than one installed, incase things gets messed up)
3. tape- the one used to tie the wires and cables

step1> using the knife/blade make shreads of the IDE cable. Make sure that the insulation is not damaged.

step2> now group together the shreaded parts together and tie them with the wire.

step3> install it.. see the difference.

1. take care while cutting, my friend used a surgical blade and had to go to the doctor for patch work for his fingers
2. if u damage the insulations and they get short or get in contace with the cabinet, your MOBO, HDD may get damaged.


what you've made is called "COBRA" cables
for perfectionists u can separate EACH wire like i've done
instead of tying it up u can sheath it .. or u can use insulating tape along its length !
take above mentioned precautions ... and yes. . it does work for better airflow
nice work club_pranay


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nice tut ... i think i wasted money buying cobra cables from coolermaster. they are almost the same stuff.


they are ..
cobra cables in the market do give 10% performance boost which most of us wont notice anyways ;)
so DIY cobra cables RULE
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