How to install GNU/Linux on G965 based configuration?

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today i tried to install FC6, Mandriva 2006, Suse Linux 10.1 from the respective DVDs. The system boots from the DVD but after that it is unable to find the installation media.
My configuration is as follows:
1) Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
2) Intel DG965RY motherboard.
3) Western Digital 250GB SATA-II harddisk (WD2500KS).

Are there any GNU/Linux which support this configuration? Can i install the same using harddisk images instead of the DVD media? (as install media is not detected).

Thanks in advance?


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I dont see any reason for any of the above distros not to support your config. Could you please post the correct message that you're getting ?


Check this out:

I succeeded in installing Mandriva 2007 by adding "all-generic-ide" kernel parameter on boot. I didn't select legaci mode (AHCI) from the BIOS though.
Now i am facing another problem. From the grub boot menu when i try to boot the Linux it displays an error like this:

"Error mounting ext3" Kernel panic.

I suppose that Mandriva should have enabled ext3 support at the time of installation itself, then why is this error coming?
Succeeded in booting Mandriva 2007 by adding all-generic-ide option to grub.
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