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How to identify whether graphics card supports wide screen resolutions

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I am planning to buy a 19 inch widescreen monitor. I am going in for Viewsonic VA1912W.
My present pc config is C2d E6300 1G RAM Intel DG965RY mobo and an old LG 14 inch CRT.
I have a doubt that if i buy this or any widescreen monitor my config will not support the 1440x900 resolution which these widescreen TFTs offer.

How do I make sure that my Graphics card will support this resolution.
I have checked the My Computer---Properties---Settings but the maximum it shows is 1024x768 (Though i will recheck this).
The documentation of DG965ry says that it supports 2048x1536.
Is there any alternative way.
What is the option if it dos not support?
Also I chekced many local shops and all 19 inch monitors have widescreen TFT's only.



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^^ afaik g965 has gmax3000, the boards released after that hav x3100.
But x3000 is better.
Yes it supports widescreen. As ur current monitor suports only upto 1024*768, it is showing so.
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