How to get windows2000 service pack 4.................plz

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Is there any way to keep Windows2000 service pack4 files in a seperate folder or on a CD, so that i can install them whenever i install weindows2000 on my machine , instad of downloading from the internet every time i format my machine
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PCQ gave win2k sp4 in to issues i know off quiet a while back , if u contact ur local newspaper guy he might be able to give u them for low price .


Yes,u can keep SPs in a folder or in a CD.
Digit has given all SPs of Win2000 very long time ago.


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you can even stream the sp4 files in ur win 2000 cd and burn it again as far as i know i had streamed my winxp cd with sp2. you can search google saying streaming win 2000 to get the complete procedure
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