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Hi Guys,

*I have got Windows XP Home Edition (SP2)
*I am using FREE AVG EDITION. Last night I downloaded FREE ewido anti-spyware.. My system became very very slow from downloading it. Both are on C drive. I do not know what to do. Which is best between the two? Are there any chances of getting updation of FREE ewido anti- spyware if it is really better free AVG Anti-virus?

My hardware details are as follows:
128MB SD Ram
40GB Hard Dish Drive.

Volume File system Capacity Free space Free space%
C: FAT32 9.76GB 4.74GB 48%
D: FAT32 9.76GB 9.23GB 94%
E: FAT32 9.76GB 9.43GB 96%
F: FAT32 8.00GB 7.96GB 99%

*A DVD-ROM having data opens when I put it in IBM DVD, but not in SONY DVD. Any solution?
*Some files from Floppy (from my friend’s computer) cannot be copied into CD-Rom (in my Computer) with the help of SONY CD-WRITER.
*There is a Red coloured Icon for Window security on the Task Bar. It informs something in a dialog Box during our operation. Such matter can not be copied or printed. Is there any way to this and where can I see all the informations date-wise?
*Internet Explorer 7 shows some notifications in a dialoge Box online. Such matters can not be copied or printed. . Is there any way to this and where can I see all the in formations date-wise?


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avg is an anti-virus
ewido is an anti-spyware
both now belong to grisoft
u need both. both complement each other
putting both on c drive has not made ur pc slow. it dznt matter.
avg is freeware. so is ewido, but iduring the trial period it ALSO give real-time protection. after its expiry it continues as a on-demand one.
u may want to remove ewido from the startup, this will make ur boot-up slightly faster. use the 'do not load at windows startup' option in ewido.


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I want detailed reply to my questions under how to do?
I am eagerly waiting for your reply.
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open ur ewido
make 'resident shield' form active to inactive.

after expity of trial period, it will in any case bcome inactive.

else/also after the 15day trial perioad, click start>run>mscongif>startup : remove ewido entry from startup.
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