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how to convert video or copy vcd

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frnds i want severe help i want to convert protected hindi video cd but i m unable to do so, please guide me hoe to copy it or how to convet this file to mp4 format
When i inset disk in rom it show this message

after clicking install it show this window


when i browse cd it show this folder in it diffrent from ordinary vcd


after that when i open mpegav folder it show this data

all video file is one kb & i m unable to play it on pc or convert in any convertor plz guide me or any software which help us to convert it

waiting for promp & respected answer


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explore through cmd.exe, and see if larger files are present. sometimes this happens when copyrighted CDs are copied and burned. use wmp to rip the cd, so that you will get the video files on your PC :)


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try to make a image of that cd using magicISO and then try to open the video files using KMPlayer.
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