How to convert .chm format ebooks to other formats.

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I have some Ebooks in chm format. I don't like this format cause I can't increase the font size and its hard to read them.
How to convert these chm format books into other formats such as pdf or doc.
hey, I too had some problems with them and i tried many softwares.
those which worked for me are:-

1)Help And Manual4
2)CHM to PDF converter pro

i used both of them to convert to pdf.

its easy to use both of them.
just open a chm file
then, it will be decompiled by the software
and then save it to pdf.


Hey here is the aks
is there any online converter..
means i cannot download and install it..
so i want a online converter so that i can convert one chm file to doc file ..


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You can search the net to convert .chm to pdf. There are lots of softwares available for that. But the thing is, the PDF's dont turn out to be great! Especially the index page does not have hyperlinks and all!
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