how to connect pc to tv

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i want to connect my pc to my tv, i have onida tv, pls tell me how can i do it and how much will it cost me , i do not want to spend too much amount.


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Donno the procedure but ur TV will not give u as much resolution as needed for computers specially for text.


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do you want to watch TV on your computer monitor or connect your cpu to your TV screen?
For the first simply get a Tv-tuner card or a graphics card with that av-thing. Note that as such your TV won't come into play if all you want to do is watch TV 'in' your computer, you just have to attach the cable wire into the tv-tuner card.
a detailed tut is beyond me . check out CHIP magazines Dec. issue . It hasc a detailed n illustrated article on this with the pros n cons . What ~phenom~
said earlier is true !
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