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How to Burn 4 Movies on 1 DVD

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Ok..so i was visiting my Local CD Wallah and saw some DVD's with 2-4-7 Even 14 Movies on 1 DVD ...that Ticked me to Do some thing Similer...so i Turned to My First & Best Resource GOOGLE ....and Found many Diff ways ..all Too Complicated ...and none up to the Mark ...SO Started R&D ...tryed many many wayz.....and Failed ....so i realised that There is no ALL in 1 Soultion for this .....so Experimented with Many Combinations and finally Volla!! ....found a Basic Way to Do so .....so thaught to share the same with you all .....

Please Remember its illegal to Backup Movies on DVD ..unless you Legally Own Them!!!

Ok After The Bold Warning Lets Start ....Jot down the List of tools needed ..

1 ) 3-4 Movie Files which you want to Cram in 1 DVD
2 ) Nero Vision you can download it from here http://www.softwarepatch.com/utilities/nero-vision-express.html
3) DVD Santa ..you can download it from here
4) A Fast PC (p4+ Least 1 GB Ram) ..to make the Encoding Faster
5) Atleast 5-10 GB of Free HDD Space
6) DVD Writer to Burn your Compilation on the Disk

Before Starting Remember the Thumb Rule ..Dont Expect "608 x 332" OR "688 x 284" Resolution Movies in the DVD ..there will be some Quality Loss ..so bare with it

Ok so lets Start ...there are 2 Parts of this Tute...1st Part is Encoding Movies with DVD Santa & 2 nd part is Adding Visual Effects & Authering & Burning with Nero Vision

1) Install / Open DVD Santa

Click on Video Files 2 DVD

2) It will bring you to This Window ...


Note there are Many Settings on the Window..we will come back to these Later ......

First Click on Add Media-> Browse And add files ..for First Timers i will suggest Dont Add More that 2-3 Movies

Note : Dont Worry about the Size/Resolution of Movies DVD Santa will take care of them

3) Now You have added the Files...lets Move to the Settings Part ...


1st Change Video Standard from NTSC to PAL
Now i have tryed to Fiddle around the Other Settings but there was no significant Difference so lets Keep the Resolution Settings As it is..unless you have a Plasma / LCD TV ...Keep the Next Setting as Full Screen 4:3
Next Click on Advanced Settings

4) Now as you see There are many Adv Options Available..


so Unless you know about them lets keep them as it is ...we will consentrate on the Target Disk Size ....Now there are many ways to Set the Disk size...you can Individually select each movie and target it to a 650 MB or 1.4 GB Size..and add the files later on to Project..but for Simplicity sake ..lets just take the 4.7 GB Size ...Click 4.7 GB then OK

4 ) Now all set Hit Make DVD ..lets keep the Defalt Destination Path as it is ...

Now youe Video's are being Encoded


Please dont make phun of me if u have noticed the Movie name as "Jodha Akbar" ...

5) After Enoding you will get this Msg..hit NO


6) All Done ..you will see these files in your Folder

Lets keep them aside for a While ....

Lets More to 2nd Part Now...

Start Nero Vision

Click on Make DVD Menu


Browse to your TempDVD Filder & Then Video_TS Folder...


You will Notice That Insted of 10-15 files there are only 2-3 Files (Depending on the No of Movies you have added)...Add All of them

Once your Files are Added Click on Video Options & Under general Select India (Pal)


Now There are More Option under DVD Video Button...but Dont Fiddle with them unless you know what you are doing


Next you will be taken to the Display /Menu Templet Section..


Here you can select how your Menues will look..you can play with Layout..hedder-footer ...just let loose your Creativity ...


After Done Playing ..Hit Next and then Burn


Done your DVD is ready to Be Played on your Standard DVD Player

Ohh Dont Forget to Put Blank DVD in the DVD Writer

Here is a Screen Shot of a DVD i made with all 4 Parts of SAW


...i know it looks Crude ..but guys...Remember you are not here to comment my Compilation but..to learn from it

Please Remember ..its the Simplets Way to Make 4-in-1 DVD....there may be some more Advanced/professional Option ...but have tryed to make it as simple as possible.....Hope it helps ..Kindly PM me if you have any Queries..


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great tut .... bt how much ACTUAL TIME did it take ?

Well I have a PC with C2D+ 2Gb Ram...so guess if startting from Scratch...with in 2-3 Hrs i have the Final Copy of 4-in-1 DVD in hand..will try to go for 8-10 OR may be 14 in 1 DVD ..and let you all know the Results :D


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Great tute dude....Will try this metod for sure
though I use intervideo dvd copy, nero vision, dvd decryptor, dvd region+ css free etc. :D


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Great tute dude....Will try this metod for sure
though I use intervideo dvd copy, nero vision, dvd decryptor, dvd region+ css free etc. :D

See told ya..there are more advanced Options to do so..just tryin to show the Basic Method...for n00bs Like me ;-)


cool man. thanks for the tutorial.

any idea about how to embed subtitles before making this kinda dvd.
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hey man...

nice tutorial....

what if i selected Divx videos as source..will it take more time???

or if i just wanted to play 6 divx movies off the DVD with menu and all....

ie..avi files instead of vob.....


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Thanks for the tutorial.you made it easy....Bookmarked.........

can you make tutorial for adding [Eng] subtitles to dvd.?
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good tutorial but also look for for ConvertX to DVD this is better as there is no need to make dvd twice and it is fast
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